Welcome to my blog!

02 26 2012 (395 of 608)Welcome to my blog!  I am new at this whole idea, however think it will be a great place for me to not only keep you all in the know when it comes to Abbigail but also a place where I can share my thoughts and perspectives as a momcologist {mom-oncologist aka mama of one brave cancer fighting child}.  I can’t promise a nail biting read each and every time, nor can I say that this will be great entertainment but I do tend to write a lot and I love speaking my mind so what you will get here is real, raw and truthful feelings and perspectives.  There is likely to be plenty of talk of my life as a stay at home mama of three spirited children, some ramblings of medical talk and self-discovery , definitely some humour because laughing is the best medicine and I can guarantee there will be plenty for you to share!  I won’t bore you with long posts all the time, I will be sure to add in a few little updates here and there on our family, how Abbigail is doing, plenty of facts about her diagnosis, question and answering posts and lots of pictures and video links.  I am so excited!

If you notice on the top of the page I have some permanent links to information that I may update from time to time so be sure to check back often and subscribe to my RSS feed to be sure not to miss anything. I also like to stay mainstream lol and being the techno geek that I am, Twitter followers will get regular notices of my updates and Abbigail’s Facebook friends will too!

Thank you so much for reading and I hope to give you a reason to come back soon!

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