March Break…Living!

Sugar bush, pyjama days, some warmer weather, a couple chemotherapy treatments, breathless times at cosmic adventures for the big boys, a sleepless night in a hotel, many splashes at the indoor waterpark, late night hockey game in a special suite, some meltdowns and screaming matches, lots of hugs, kisses and laughter and we did it all together! We had a great March break, we hope that you did too! xo

Disney on Ice

IMG_7298 IMG_7299 IMG_7296 IMG_7289 IMG_7292

Sugar Bush

20130311-231742.jpg IMG_7451

Outdoor Fun

2013-02-24 (17) 2013-02-24 (13) 2013-02-24 (11) 2013-02-24 (21) 2013-02-24 (5)

Second of Four Chemo Treatments this Month {We Fight as a Family}

IMG_7676 IMG_7670 20130317-151953.jpg 20130317-152118.jpg 20130317-151920.jpg


IMG_7369 IMG_7476 IMG_7614

Indoor WaterPark {Hotel Stay-cation with Doctor’s Blessing}

IMG_7719 IMG_7711

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