Spring! New Beginnings…

At least she found a hat & mitts!
At least she found a hat & mitts!

Although it doesn’t look much like spring outside our door right now, Abbigail felt the urge to run outside onto the deck without her jacket! Did I ever mention what a firecracker she is…really!

Today is the first day of Spring and I for one am looking forward to a fresh new perspective. We all know that before we get to sit outside and soak up some spring sun that we must first sludge through the melting snow, dirty slush and wet socks. Abbigail still has two more chemos to go this month and once that sludge is past we too will enjoy some new beginnings this year.

This fight isn’t over and we understand what we are up against, and we are prepared to hold each other throughout this journey together and if we have to weather an other tough winter we will again look forward to the spring.

Abbigail is very tired the last few weeks and so far we haven’t seen a change in her since we started this chemo two weeks ago. We know it can take time to see results as we are slowly killing off her immune system one cell at a time. So for now we just weather the storm and pray we find some peace in all of this uncertainty.

Speaking of uncertainty, I finally contacted the family of the other OMS case that came through CHEO 9 years ago. I have had their information for five months now and I have put off contacting them out of fear. I know it sounds silly and I have heard it all before, that they are sure to bring me comfort and affirmation, that our daughter will be ok, but fear is stronger than logic. So we will see what comes of this.

Yet an other new beginning?

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