So I have been busy! Who would have thought right? I mean I don’t work, I don’t go out, have very few things to do other than care for my family and keep our home, so why am I so run down, exhausted physically and mentally and seemingly unaccomplished these days right?!? All jokes aside, I have been a little overwhelmed these past couple of weeks.

I apologize to our faithful and dear followers, I haven’t been posting or updating on Abbigail since…well Easter. With Abbigail’s recent chemo treatments, she has been more tired than before and definitely more dependent on me. I can no longer go anywhere without her, not even the other room at times. She had her surgery for her new port a couple weeks ago and then our whole family decided to take turns each day with some gastro bug and then I stop sleeping! So although it has been busy, I have found some time and made quite a few updates to the webpage’s links above that I hope you will find helpful. They will allow you to know more about Abbigail’s ongoing brave journey {her treatments} as well as to acknowledge so many amazing people and supporters {thank you}.

I hope you can take a minute to check them out and you might find other links and updates that I have changed or completed!

We hope to see you there!
We hope to see you there!

Something super exciting to share with you; we have recently found out that some of my co-workers, friends, family and strangers alike, have come together and are hosting a Fundraiser in honour of Abbigail that will benefit her Fund, Kisses for Abbigail! We are so very blessed to have such amazing people who care so much about Abbigail and who are helping our family during these trying times. I have published a few details about this amazing event on the {fundraising} page and will be posting more updates as they come to me! We are so excited for this night, and look forward to seeing all of Abbigail’s supporters and hopefully a sea of pink wrists. We have our fingers crossed and will be praying that Abbigail will get the “green-light” from her oncologist and that her blood counts are at a safe level allowing her to come and dance her little heart out with her big brother William. Those two are dancing machines and are sure to steal some hearts that night! Hope to see some of you on Friday, May 24th!

Thank you to the Peplinskie Family for putting the wheels in motion for this wonderful night ❤ xox ❤

Well it is late, and although I can’t sleep, I should at the very least lay down and rest before this unwelcome snow storm comes to town and cancels the school buses, leaving me to be creative with one teething sick Madden, a bored five year old William and of course the spirited raging but ever so sweet and squeezable Abbigail!

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