I’ve avoided this video for two days now, knowing fully that I didn’t have it in me right now to watch it, feel it and relate way too closely to it. It has taken me two days to muster the courage to watch it and three hours to watch this 23 minute clip.

I am so glad I did because he is an inspiration and if our Abbigail could speak, I know that she would resonate his passion but I can’t help but hate cancer a little more now. Maybe tomorrow I will try to see the gifts…

One thought on “Not Today

  1. It also took me a coupke days to watch that video. I cried like a baby but felt better in a way last week we spent 5days inpatient. My daughter although fighting leukemia seemed like healthiest one therr. While there a friend earned his angel wings. I hope these two meet in heaven and sing that beautuful song. I hooe abigael is doing well did she get het chemo pal yet? Xoxo


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