She’s an Inspiration!

Abbigail’s brave journey is inspiring so many to be giving and thoughtful and even generous!  I was contacted by a local mom late last year, her daughter goes to the same school as our oldest son William and that is how they first heard about Kisses for Abbigail and began following her journey.  I was thrown back and absolutely stunned to hear that her daughter wanted to shave her head as a fundraiser for Kisses For Abbigail. A young girl of only 11 years old has made the conscientious decision to shave her hair off in honour of the far too many children battling cancer.  That is huge and honourable and very humbling as a mom of one of these battling children.  Chanelle you are very brave and a remarkable young woman, Sonya you should be a very proud mama bear to have raised such an amazing girl with a heart larger than she is!  Thank you Chanelle and family for all that you are doing!!!

Chanelle’s Brave Shave for Kisses For Abbigail is a fundraiser by this absolutely remarkable 11 year old young lady.  Her family and her have been following and supporting our baby’s story on Facebook and on this blog and their hearts couldn’t be any larger.  In recent years Chanelle has donated her hair to “Locks of Love,” but this time she is bravely going the extra step and shaving it all off!  Please join me in showing her much support, by watching for her photos on instagram and by leaving her a message of encouragement, as this is no small feat for such a wonderful young lady!

If you want to pledge Chanelle and support her immense efforts, please click her photo below or the link provided to support Chanelle’s Brave Shave!


I want to thank everyone who took the time to read today’s blog entry as I re-enter the world of blogging.  It has been difficult to truly write my emotions out as we have been facing our worst fear as parents of a child battling cancer, but I thought today’s post would help ease me back in.  Thank you for following on Facebook and being patient.  Abbigail is truly blessed and our entire family appreciates all of your support!!! Thank you so much!

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