Battles, struggles, pain & fears larger than her but not her life!

The battles she is fighting, the struggles she is facing, the pain she feels and the fears she is overcoming never get in the way of her sharing at least one of her infectious smiles!

Yesterday Abbigail flashed a huge, bright and heart-melting smile to Mama as we left CHEO — Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario. Her day was quite long, with several clinic appointments and procedures she rather not have to endure time and time again but despite her irritability, exhaustion, rage attacks and overwhelming fears she made it through an other day along her unique journey.


Childhood cancer isn’t just chemo, hair loss and medications. The obvious fight is only half the battle. Our children are forced to learn early to accept their reality which includes more than most adults ever experience in an entire lifetime. Lately I’ve been reflecting on more than ever before, maybe because we have more time to sit and be rather than run from procedure to treatment every couple days. My heart breaks a little more for these kids as I think of everything Abbigail has faced already in her short life, all that she continues to battle and all that she still has to go up against.

We are looking forward to a weekend of family visiting. Please keep Abbigail in your thoughts this weekend as she battles herself yet again, with her OMS flaring (the-activating) due to a lingering bladder infection. The days are long and nights longer as she tries to resist her own urges, rages and uncontrollable actions. Also, I ask that you please don’t forget these kids, don’t let Abbigail or any of these precious babies fighting or fallen go without notice. They all deserve every little bit of support that we can muster.

Their battles, struggles, pains and fears are bigger than they are but they never ever give up or give in to defeat – neither should we!

2 thoughts on “Battles, struggles, pain & fears larger than her but not her life!

  1. Good Bless You Abby and your Family.
    We are always thinking and Praying for you sweetie.
    Keep smiling
    Love Janet and Bus driver Dan


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