So much happened…so little changed. 

Public updates have been few and far between this year for several reasons. We have received each and everyone one of your prayers, well wishes and private messages seeking good news about Abbigail and we whole heartedly appreciate them all. Thank you for never forgetting about our precious girl and her battles. It has been a long year with many difficult times but we’ve also had many joys to celebrate as well. Looking back is always bitter sweet, seeing all that we’ve been through, all that Abbigail has accomplished and how far she’s come, but also seeing all that we’ve missed, all the milestones she’s not attained and all that is still ahead for her. Over the last year so much has happened yet so very little has changed. 

Abbigail’s last year started out very roughly with an agressive OMS relapse leaving her relying on her feeding tube for nutrition, losing weight daily, unable to be a kid, stumbling, missing school, in pain, extremely exhausted and overly irritable. We quickly had to increase her medications, double up her in hospital IV treatments every two weeks and watch her body and mind transform again…not for the better. Relapses are very difficult in her body and cognition and sadly result in further brain damage. Although she was able to recover from the acute OMS symptoms, she has not been able to reverse any damage nor reach remission neurologically.  Despite these difficulties though, Abbigail managed to successfully change schools in September and prove that she is capable of so much more than we ever thought! Change is difficult for Abbigail, so this decision to switch schools was not taken lightly and was a challenge for us all however it was so worth it! Her old school has always been so supportive of her and our family and was sad to see her go but it was with their support that we were able to transition Abbigail and all of her services. They will always have a huge place in her heart and mine because I watched my sick little girl light up and bloom so much when she walked through their doors. They set the bar high for her education and support. Thank you will never be enough ❤️ Now that she attends an english speaking school Abbigail has reached levels of speech we didn’t think we’d ever witness, her motor skills and academics have made leaps and bounds which I have strongly attributed to her amazing support system there that has allowed for her growing confidence to shine. I can’t explain to you how it feels to see her accomplishments on paper and to hear her speak about her pride in what she is doing with her peers. You can’t help but smile when you see her light up. 

We couldn’t be prouder of how hard she is working in class! She surprises us daily and hearing her stories from her day brings me so much joy knowing how it “could be” instead of how it is…at least for today. 

Turns out so much happened that I can’t fit it into one post. 

2 thoughts on “So much happened…so little changed. 

  1. Abbbi its Chelsi dad from the trailer park just a few more months an we will all be together on the weekend keep up the good work our kisses and prayers are with you and your family


  2. We are so so happy to hear our sweet Abbigail is doing good.
    Tell her we miss her smile and in a few months she will be driving around the park with me. Love to you all.
    Stu and Gail


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