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Abbigail’s story is one that has captured many hearts and plenty of interest perhaps because it is so rare, but I think it is because she steals your heart even in her weakest moments. My sweet little girl will forever be the one in ten million that fights this rare cancer-caused disease, and she will always have a battle to conquer, whether in school, at her first job and at her next relapse treatment meeting, but through all of this fighting, Abbigail will move mountains too.  For now I will fight for her, but I want her to know that “this” was not for nothing.  She does not suffer and will not continue to feel pain just because the good Lord felt she should, but because she has purpose.

Abbigail May Ann Moreau you are bigger than Cancer, you are stronger than OMS and you are rare.

“You’re braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think…”

I will share your story with at least one more person everyday and spread awareness of your fight and the fight of other’s special like  you; childhood cancer and OMS are not easy roads travelled by families, but they are travelled and they deserve notice too.

See Abbigail capturing hearts near and far…

{June 2014} Abbigail poses with her favourite doctor, her oncologist, Dr. Donna Johnston who happens to be the Chief of Oncology at the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario, and is also a devoted researcher.  Please read more about Dr. Johnston’s featured research in CHEO’s annual report.


{March 2014} Abbigail is shown in the local shaving Chanelle’s head during the young lady’s personal fundraiser event to show her support for Abbigail.  This was a moment that made mama cry and provided inspiration to so many people who watched a 3 year old battling cancer shave an 11 year old girl’s 24 inch long locks completely off.


{October 2013} The Sears Great Canadian Run profiled Abbigail’s story on their website as well as during the marathon fundraiser for childhood cancer to help raise awareness for our children.  We hope that we can be a part of this amazing event again next year and maybe one day take an active part in it!



{Fall 2013} Her photo, a beautiful moment captured in time, displayed at the top of Camp Trillium’s Fall 2013 newsletter.  Here, she and one of her biggest supporters Brittany, they enjoy a beautiful moment at camp, smelling the fresh scent of flowers picked around the island.  Our family looks forward to an other summer of memories at Camp Trillium hopefully! 


{June 7 2013} Abbigail was one of the few featured stories on the CHEO Live Telethon in Ottawa, ON where she is treated.  You can watch Abbigail’s story as it unfolded and a then-live update on how she was doing in the summer of 2013!

{May 20 2013} Pembroke Daily Observer ran an article on Abbigail’s Brave Journey with a rare neurological disorder, in preparation for the Kisses for Abbigail Fundraiser event that happened in our community on May 24th, 2013.

                      Daily Observer            Daily Observer2

{April 15 2013} Ottawa Citizen 6 page spread on the CN Cycle for CHEO  happening May 5th in Ottawa!  We are so excited to participate in this event that will benefit so many lifelines that have been there for us these last 14 months.  Candlelighter’s Ottawa, The Ronald McDonald House and CHEO have all been amazing supporters in Abbigail’s journey and recovery, we could not have imagined this road without them.  Please consider donating to our Team in honour of Abbigail or come out with us and walk while we celebrate Abbigail’s THIRD {May 6} birthday!  To read more about this great event and how these amazing organizations have affected our family and Abbigail directly, please read my post written a couple weeks ago!

CHEO, Candlelighters & Ronald McDonald have lifted us up throughout this journey!
CHEO, Candlelighters & Ronald McDonald have lifted us up throughout this journey!

{March 2013} Candlelighter’s Newsletter Abbigail and William were shown enjoying the Disney on Ice show at ScotiaBank Place this past month.  Abbigail was mesmerized by the colours and sounds and absolutely fell in love with Rapunzel’s horse.  she still “clucks” to the thought of that horse and requests the video footage I managed to tape during the show.

{March 28 2013} Super Sophia – Non-Profit Org Abbigail has capture the hearts of many of her “followers” and this wonderful mother of a non-profit is no exception.  Super Sophia provides prayers, strength, faith and comfort to children who are battling cancer. She provides as many children battling cancer with a pair of scrubs which will comfort them while they are in the hospital getting treatments etc. They are also not your traditonal scrubs and have some fun detail added to them. Also each pair has a heart sewn on the sleeve. This heart is very special as it was hand drawn by Sophia’s big brother and biggest supporter. He drew it in honor of his baby sister and all the other beautiful children who have cancer.

Abbigail has some exciting appearances and articles coming up…stay tuned!

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      1. Brian & I wish you the very best. You should be very proud to call yourself “Proud Mama of Three”. The pics I’ve seen on Facebook are lovely. Please know you are in our thoughts.


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