{thank you}

Kisses For Abbigail is made possible by so many wonderful, loving, caring, compassionate and supportive people; family, friends, co-workers, community members and strangers, near and far. This fund makes a world of difference in the care and medical treatment for our daughter. All of the fundraising that has been done for our precious Abbigail will help ease the financial burdens that have been imposed on us since her diagnoses in February 2012. She benefits from private in-home and tailored care, she receives private in-home speech therapy and will soon receive other therapies and tailored care for her skills development which has been impaired due to OMS. We are able to travel and stay as a family when Abbigail endures treatment away from home and we are able to confidently pay for many medical costs which provincial or private insurances won’t cover for Abbigail. OMS is a very rare disease and has very few approved treatment options in Canada and most do not realize that this means that most treatments Abbigail does and may possibly receive would have to be shipped from afar and paid out of pocket.

Words will never describe how thankful we are to our family, friends, co-workers and communities for their thoughtfulness, support, prayers and donations through this difficult time in our lives. We can only hope to one day pay it forward, return the love and support that was shown to us. We are constantly reminded of the love and support that we have and we are eternally grateful. Thank you ❤

First and foremost, we want to thank our family.

Nana and Papa {Moreau}, you have been a constant support, always offering a helping hand during frequent hospital visits, staying home with the boys while we take Abbigail to the hospital, grocery runs, yard work, meals and taking the kids for special days away. These are the gifts that keep giving and we love you for everything that you have done and continue to do and for being there when we need you. Grandma and Grandpa {Lebeau}, we are so blessed that although you are further away, that you still come visit and bring cheer and welcomed chaos whenever you can, that you spend countless hours selling Kisses for Abbigail wrist bands at work, the pool hall and anywhere you go and to anyone you run into! Thank you for always sending me smiling messages when you know I am spending 8 long hours in the hospital with Abbigail again or when you know it was a difficult day. Without our parents, Matthew and I would not be able to stand in the storm that we do today, we would not be able to stand together and fight together for our daughter. We have exemplary parents who have toughed it through their own ups and downs in life and came out strong and together. Matthew and I can’t thank you enough for that because through this nightmare we have always stood together as one. Thank you mom and dad {both}! Kristen and Troy, thank you for starting Kisses for Abbigail, it has come so far and it all started with your heartfelt support! Derik and Bridgette, thank you for starting the sea of pink wrists that we see from North Bay to Petawawa, Pembroke and now Ottawa, these bands are more than a fundraising effort to us, they show solidarity, strength, awareness and support not only for Abbigail but for all children fighting cancer and OMS. A heartfelt thank you to my own Godparents and Abbigail’s Godmother, Tante Lise and Uncle Pete for your countless visits, your never spoiling gifts for the kids {always make them feel special}, your power selling of support wrists bands and the priceless emotional support you provide us daily through your texts and calls. To my Matante Marie-Anne who had her retirement gift donated to Abbigail as the first donation to the Kisses for Abbigail fund. To my Matante Lina who is always thinking of us and more ways to support us whether by donating her time, resources, saved change or hand made slippers. Thank you to all of our Aunts, Uncles and Cousins who brought us home cooked meals and provided groceries on those long scary days we spent in the hospital at diagnosis. Thank you to you all who sold bands and lip polishes, who bought bands and lip polishes, who shared Abbigail’s story and who have all just been there for us when we needed and brought smiles to our faces when you could. We love you all and will forever be grateful for everything that you have done for us and Abbigail. We are truly blessed. We love you all!!!

So many people to thank!

We want to individually thank each and every single person who has donated financially, who has offered their services and who have given their support and prayers, but the list doesn’t end. Please know that you are all in our hearts and we appreciate everything that you have done and continue to do. All of our co-workers at AECL, the Renfrew County Catholic District School Board and Community Living, our parish St-Pius of Osceola and the CWL, countless community members and businesses across the Ottawa Valley, friends of family and family of friends; you have all touched our lives and our hearts. Your support is overwhelming and we are humbled, we can’t begin to describe what this has all meant to our family.

My dear friend Karrie McAuley, you have always reached out and you have devoted so much to Abbigail and Kisses For Abbigail; selling bands at work, sharing her story and you helped with the magical Kisses for Abbigail Fundraiser event that was held on May 24th, 2013. Thank you girl!

The many new friends and “family” we have grown so close to over the last two years, our Oncology Family.  Thank you for being there at 2am when I needed some company, for always letting me vent and never judging.  I can’t imagine how Matthew and I would ever have faced this journey without your support, prayers and true understanding.  We have been brought together under the darkest of circumstances but it was certainly a blessing.  Sarada, Jenny and Paula, you ladies have been my rocks!  Honestly there have been days that without your simple texts, MDU company and muffins or just your hugs of of understanding, that I would have crumbled but there you girls were with your love and friendship to remind me that it will “be ok.”  I love you guys and our children will forever be bonded just as we are…always.

Strangers, some with names and others without. Your ongoing support and messages of prayer, thoughts and encouragement are all so much appreciated and we love reading them daily. Please do not stop writing Abbigail messages, I save them all and print lots to add to her memory book I wish to share with her when she is older. I want Abbigail to know that she had love across the globe. Thank you so much for your support, both financially and emotionally.

I can not thank Candlelighter’s Ottawa and the Ronald McDonald House in Ottawa enough for what they have provided our family with throughout this journey!  Candlelighters’s provides our family with immense support; parking passes for the hospital for our countless visits each and every month, tickets to hockey games and Disney shows to provide the kids with a sense of normalcy and priceless smiles, support groups, sibling programs for William and so much love!  They truly are an amazing organization that knows what our family needs usually before we do…Thank you Candlelighter’s from the bottom of all of our hearts!  A home away from home, that is what The Ronald McDonald home truly was to us.  We spent 21 nights at CHEO upon diagnosis, with no more than a small backpack with one night’s worth of belongings (because who goes to the ER expecting to hear cancer and surgery, treatment and tests).  Ronald McDonald provided Matthew a bed, kitchen and understanding hearts in their home while I stayed with Abbigail.  They had home cooked meals from local organizations, churches and groups with events for the kids and more toys than William could play with.  We really did not need to worry about much other than Abbigail knowing we had a soft pillow to land on there. This permitted William to come and be with us as a family on weekends which was absolutely invaluable.  We love  you Ronald McDonald and all of the amazing staff there!!!

Thank you Super Sofia, Moon and Back Reborn Nursery and many other non-profit organizations that have touched Abbigail’s life with their kind heart and generosity. The little gifts that some take for granted are appreciated and loved. Thank you so much for what you do not only for Abbigail but for so many other children battling cancer.

Past, Present & Future Events and Campaigns we are so grateful for!

Recent Campaigns

{Chanelle’s Brave Shave for Kisses For Abbigail} Chanelle Howard, an absolutely remarkable 11 year old young lady decided to do her very own fundraising event for Kisses for Abbigail.   Chanelle’s Brave Shave! In March of 2014, her and her family did a bake sale and raised over $1,000 for her campaign. Over the following month she continued to collect pledges and she planned to shave her head in honour of Abbigail and all of the young children battling cancer. She collected thousands of dollars and bravely shaved her head in front of many many fans, followers and supports of both Abbigail and herself. She captured our hearts and will forever be changed by the generosity, kindness and bravery that this young woman shared with us. We love you Chanelle and the Howards!



{Cuts for Kisses for Abbigail} Merci beaucoup Master Corporal Renald Prevost! Thank you so much for the many hair cuts you did near and far to help us raise awareness for childhood cancer and to help support our financial costs during this journey.  Meeting you was an honour and we are blessed to have you and your entire department by our side.


{Kisses for Abbigail Fundraiser Event} The evening of May 24th, 2013 was magical, truly a night to remember. It was beautiful, humbling and absolutely amazing in every sense of the word. I found myself holding my breathe, taking it all in, trying not to miss anyone or anything. The hall screamed Abbigail, from all of the pink, to the photos of her beaming smile, right down her very own candy shop! I fought back tears all day leading up to the moment we walked through those hall doors and when I saw the hall and all of the wonderful ladies who made it all happen, I couldn’t help but tear up…well ok, I won’t lie, I flat out cried. Tears of overwhelming joy wrapped my heart and I was humbled yet again. Seeing the amount of work and dedication that went into that night, even before a single guest arrived, was enough to make any mother cry. This was all for our baby girl, a tiny being whom these people had never met and yet spent countless hours preparing to shower her with warmth, love and support. I’m tearing up now just thinking about that breathtaking moment when our family walked into the hall for the very first time.


We have so much appreciation to share and we want to make sure we thank each and everyone of you who donated to this wonderful night.  So many local businesses, kind people and families as well as our own friends, family and colleagues.  We hope no one goes unmentioned, but please know that we appreciate every effort, every donation, large or small and that we feel so loved and supported!!! Tears fill our eyes when we think about this magical night held in Abbigail’s honour. Thank yous will never be enough when we think about the amount of work that went into organizing this event.  The support that has been given to our entire family is unbelievable and when we walked around the Rankin Community Centre on Friday night, we were overwhelmed by the turnout of family, friends and complete strangers.

Let me begin by expressing a special thank you to Debbie Peplinskie for taking the time to organize this event, even having never met our family or Abbigail.  Her heart is huge and the support she has given our family is immeasurable.  Debbie, you have done something wonderful for our family and we will forever be grateful.  You brought the idea to the table, your heart was invested the entire time and you found the most amazing ladies to team with to make this night indescribable.  Thank you!!!

Myself, Abbigail & Debbie |  All the Ladies who made this happen {missing a few}  |  Teary Speech
Myself, Abbigail & Debbie      |     All the Ladies who made this happen {missing a few}    |   Teary Speech

A huge thank you to the John Priebe Band & Friends who generously played life music at the event all night long for our supporters to enjoy, and boy did we enjoy it.  The music was fantastic and I do not think there was a single moment that our five year old wasn’t on the dance floor which quickly filled up with all of the guests!  Your contribution to this night made a good fundraiser into an amazingly fun night for all who came out!  Thanks guys for bringing your voices and talent out for our daughter!

Thank you to the many businesses that donated prizes, services and products to the event and helped make this as successful and memorable as it was.  Please forgive me if I have forgotten anyone in this very long list.  {do not hesitate to nudge me if you notice I forgot someone}


This night was more than just a fundraiser to us, it was a chance to see the many faces that have, and who continually support our daughter, her journey and our fight as a family. It was also a night that we were able to enjoy as a family, even if only for a a few hours; celebrating the brave, courageous and shining little girl that Abbigail is! Thank you everyone for your hard work, devotion and passion for this fundraiser and thank you to all those who purchased tickets, donated and who came out to share this magical and unforgettable night with us.  Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts.


{Please read my blog post about that night for more details, photos and my sob fest speech that I couldn’t even spit out that night!}

{Garage Sale for Kisses for Abbigail} Thoughtful and generous friends of my parents, back home in North Bay, held a garage sale with items their family collected.  They had hoped to raise awareness for Abbigail’s story and maybe some extra funds to help with her medical costs and travel.  They succeeded and managed to raise so much more.  Childhood cancer awareness was at the forefront of their sale and we are eternally grateful for their support.  Thank you you so much to Betty and Colleen who spearheaded this event and to everyone who donated and helped with the sale.  Heartfelt appreciation to Kirt, Carole, & Stacey, Colleen, Kal and Betty too! ❤


{YARD SALES! Benefiting Kisses for Abbigail Fund} Some old, but never forgotten, friends of ours from University {wow ten years has past!} along with members of their community, held not one but TWO yard sales this past summer to benefit Kisses for Abbigail.  They also helped raise much needed awareness of Childhood Cancer and OMS.  They worked really hard to help promote Kisses for Abbigail and share her story to show their support and we are so thankful we have them in our lives…still.  They have always been there for us, no matter what time has passed, and times like these have really shown to us the kind hearts that so many have.  We are so lucky to have such an amazing support system, even as far as the Seaway 🙂  Thank you Erin and Mark for your continued support and love for Abbigail and thanks for sharing her story with so many people and thank you Shannon Welsh, whom I do not even know, but who has opened her heart to our family and was driving this Yard Sale Fundraiser with Erin.


{William’s School Lent Campaign} Abbigail’s big brother is in senior kindergarden at l’école élémentaire Jeanne Lajoie in Pembroke. One of the educators there, who not only taught him last year, but who is a member of our community parish and lives a few farms down from us (yes we live in the sticks!) She and her husband discovered the struggles we were facing throughout this journey and they wanted to help. They did! This amazing woman, her husband and children have given our family so much support and love! Due to their generous hearts, Jeanne Lajoie’s pastoral committee sent out a letter outlining their intent to fundraise for lent. From that day forward, the students, parents and all of the Jeanne Lajoie family joined Abbigail in her fight, sent her countless messages of support on her Facebook page and have donated to the Kisses For Abbigail Fund. I am always heart-warmed in the morning to see so many familiar faces “liking” and “sharing” Abbigail’s page and story! Thank you so much to the many parents and students sending private messages of encouragement and prayer and the countless posts and interactions are appreciated and helpful through the tougher days! Milles merci Mme Tina, le comité pastoral et toutes les familles de l’école élémentaire Jeanne Lajoie à Pembroke!

The very large heart-shaped card the kids made to thank the staff, students & families of Jeanne-Lajoie Pavillion Elementaire <3
The very large heart-shaped card the kids made to thank the staff, students & families of Jeanne-Lajoie Pavillion Elementaire ❤

{April 25 2013} Just 24 hours after finding out that we were facing expensive and possibly frequent travel to the United States for specialized OMS treatment by a world leader in the field, Abbigail was met with supportive smiles, love, prayers and donations.  Abbigail and I went to her big brother’s school that day and enjoyed the company of adoring students where the pastoral committee, together with the students and families, raised funds for Kisses for Abbigail throughout Lent. Because of their kind hearts and generosity, the stresses of this upcoming traveling out of country for Abbigail has been relieved somewhat, as these donations will pay for the cost of our family’s airfare.  the stresses this trip brings are immeasurable, however due to the generosity shown to us from our “family” at Jeanne-Lajoie,  we can now try to put more focus on healing and being together as a family to support our Abbigail.

Merci Jeanne-Lajoie et toutes les familles pour votre support, vos prières et les dons genereux.  

Thank you Jeanne-Lajoie and all of the families for your support, prayers and generous donations.

Beautiful Moments! Moments of joy, appreciation and tears of overwhelming gratitude.
Beautiful Moments! Moments of joy, appreciation and tears of overwhelming gratitude.

{Gift Basket Raffle} Thank you to two wonderful colleagues of mine at AECL, Sue Doucette and Laura Gauley who generously made a large gift basket, just in time for Easter, and raffled it off to AECL employees in the lobby during the weeks before Easter. The funds they made selling the raffle tickets was donated entirely to Kisses For Abbigail. Thank you ladies for your kind hearts and generosity, this donation was truly made to be from the heart because they also created custom gift baskets for each of our children for Easter, giving us yet an other opportunity to see them smile! We can’t thank you enough for that!

{Scentsy Campaign} Thank you so much Jennifer Renauld, you are more than just a colleague at AECL, you are truly generous and we are so grateful for what you have done. Thank you for taking time out of your lunch hours to sell the Kisses For Abbigail support wrist bands to staff at the AECL cafeteria. We also want to thank you for your generous campaign to donate your earnings from your Scentsy sales in March/April. We are grateful for your kind heart, support and well wishes.

{Arbonne Lip Polish Campaign} Huge hugs and kisses and many many thanks Auntie Kristen Lebel for not only donating your proceeds from the sales of dozens of lip polishes this winter, but for creating Kisses For Abbigail. Thank you for starting such an amazing support system for our family. From this seemingly simple campaign we were able to connect with hundreds of supporters, share Abbigail’s story with dozens of other OMS families across the globe and begin something beautiful for Abbigail to look back on one day when she is stronger and healthier. We love you so much “KiKi & TaTa” and miss you guys!

Ongoing Campaigns

{Support Wrist Bands} Thank you ten million times Derik! You created a sea of pink with these bands. Your simple idea touched my heart and I still remember fighting back a tear or two when I made that FaceTime call with Abbigail to you guys to say how awesome I thought your idea was. Thinking back on that day, I remember thinking of how great it would be to one day see a stranger wearing a pink band with our daughter’s name on it in North Bay. Little did I know not only would I see a stranger in North Bay one day, but that I would see strangers weekly, in our own communities, here in the Valley and that you would be shipping bands to absolute strangers. Never would I have imagined that these bands would create such a network of support. Kisses for Abbigail support bands have reminded me that people do care and that strangers will support us and share our daughter’s story. Thank you Derik for everything you have done with these bands, for always making me laugh when I just want to scream and cry and for never letting me believe that I can’t do this. I love you guys from the bottom of my heart and I am glad Abbigail has an Uncle Dee and Auntie Bee like you guys to always praise her up!

{Great Aunts & Great Grandmother Slipper Fundraiser} My amazing Aunts and Grandmother! Thank you, thank you , thank you…you have brought us meals, smiles and laughter on the darkest of our days and we can not thank you enough for that. Thank you for all of the slippers you have made with love and sold in support of Kisses for Abbigail. Thank you for always keeping Grandmaman up to date on Abbigail and sharing pictures with her when we can’t visit and for always being “there” when we need it. We love you!

Below are some upcoming events and campaigns, however for a complete listing of fundraisers past, present and future, please visit the {fundraiser} page

Upcoming Events & Campaigns

{Online YouCaring.com Campaign} to help us raise funds to provide Abbigail the treatment she requires, even if it means being away from home.  She is soon going to require a Bone Marrow Transplant in Toronto and will be away from home for months with an intense year of treatments.  When you make an online donation  through this website, 100% of the donations will go directly to Abbigail’s Trust Account and you will be giving us more time to love, hold, and care for our daughter and two boys – with less financial stress and suffering.  Please consider sharing this page with family, friends and through social media in hopes of spreading awareness and reaching far with her story.

Abbigail and her family need your support and prayers along with any monetary donations you can give at this time. With their strength and our support and prayers, they will win this battle and continue to be an inspiration of faith, courage and hope for all of us.

{Surprise Playground} There is a huge surprise coming later this month for Abbigail and her brothers.  Million Dollar Smiles, a non-profit organization in the greater Toronto area, will be coming to our home with more than a dozen volunteers and staff to build the kids a giant play structure.  What is really special about this extremely generous gift, is that it will enable Abbigail to play once again with her brother’s safely.  Before her diagnosis, Abbigail was just learning to slide, climb and enjoy the play structure we had built ourselves, however since then, she has lost her balance and coordination enough to make it unsafe for her to climb and slide alone.  This new play ground build will allow her to play in the ground level playhouse until she can climb and play again like she once did!  Shhhhhhh….the kids have no clue and won’t until the big day and they reveal the surprise with a party in their honour!

Thank you all and God Bless

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  1. I am a cashier working at Pembroke walmart- I have seen abbigail and was curious about her illness- thank-you for the card that has enabled me to learn more about her -I will continue to pray for your family in the days and weeks to come. kamia oattes

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